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Julia S.

Stretch Therapist & Yoga Instructor

Hometown: Brandywine, MD

Tenure: Rookie

College: Temple University


What does grace and grit mean to you?
Grace and Grit means being strong and determined to accomplish anything you set your mind to, while remaining poised along the way. Knowing that how you carry yourself is powerful and how you become the best version of yourself.

What do you love most about DC?
The diversity in DC is so amazing! There is something for everyone here and it is easy to access from Maryland and Virginia.

What small thing makes you smile?
Seeing others happy or achieve their goals.

What's your favorite non-profit organization?
Yoga Activist is my favorite Non-profit Organization. They partner with many studios, government agencies and teachers, with the mission to educate yoga instructors on how to share yoga with diverse communities such as communities experiencing homelessness, trauma survivors, youth, incarcerated communities, and persons with drug and/or alcohol addictions, or mental and/or physical conditions.

Best way to start your day...
The best way to start my day is with a positive affirmation and a little cardio to get me energized!