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Product Manager, Software Company

Hometown: Kendallville, IN

Tenure: Rookie

College: Ball State University


What does grace and grit mean to you?
To me, grace and grit means not having to choose between my career and my passion for dance. Knowing that I can put in the work and get everything I want is so worth it.

What do you love most about DC?
The greenery and parks! There are so many trees, flowers and grassy areas all year round.

What small thing makes you smile?
Dogs that wear clothes.

What's your favorite non profit organization?

Best way to start your day...
A glass of lemon water, then lots of coffee! The company I work for is based in the UK, so I have a lot of early morning meetings. I try to stay hydrated and get my metabolism going with a warm glass of lemon water then switch to coffee to get my brain working.