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Physician Liaison

Hometown: Fredericksburg, VA

Tenure: 3rd Year

College: Virginia Tech


What does grace and grit mean to you?
Having grace and grit means having the passion, motivation and mental toughness to get you through not only a rigorous 5 hour practice, but also a full day of work the next day. It's demanding and tiresome, but despite your mental and physical exhaustion, you continue to let your inner beauty shine through your positive attitude, your kindness and your smile.

What do you love most about DC?
Is it weird if I say the food?! There's such a vast array of cultures here that you get so many incredible cuisines. What a gift!

What small thing makes you smile?
Sunny days, patios with live music, singing as loud as I can in my car on the way home from practice, hot cocoa on a snowy day, and sending Christmas cards.

What's your favorite non profit organization?
The ALS Association

Best way to start your day...
With a smile, a stretch, a cup of coffee, and some Dolly in my radio.