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Federal Government Contractor

Hometown: Prattville, AL

Tenure: 5th Year

College: Auburn University


What does grace and grit mean to you?
"Grace and Grit"—two words with very different meanings, but when combined together are unstoppable. There is no obstacle someone with true grit and amazing grace can't overcome.

What do you love most about DC?
All of the Theaters, like the Kennedy Center. I saw my first Broadway musical last year, and I'm making it a priority to see more shows in the future.

What small thing makes you smile?
When someone opens the door for me, such a simple gesture can speak volumes.

What's your favorite non profit organization?
My favorite charity is American Humane Nonprofit Organization ( I'm a huge animal lover and want nothing more than for every animal to find a loving, forever home.

Best way to start your day...
With a good breakfast! I'm a southern girl so give me some girts, scrambled eggs and toast!