50/50 Raffle | Washington Football Charitable Foundation

Participate in the Washington Football Charitable Foundation 50/50 Raffle for a chance to win big for a good cause!

Starting the Thursday before Washington Football Team games, fans have the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets online for the chance to win fifty percent (50%) of the game's total jackpot. The remainder of the jackpot benefits the Washington Football Charitable Foundation in support of youth programs throughout the region impacting more than 179,000 children annually.

New this year, as safety is our top priority, we are offering a contactless experience for customers! Fans can purchase raffle tickets exclusively online. Live updates of the jackpot will be on display throughout the stadium and online.

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2021 Winning Numbers

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2021-22 Game Winning Ticket Total Jackpot
vs. Seahawks - Nov. 29 A-3300035 $2,105
at Raiders - Dec. 5 B-1815153 $300
vs. Cowboys - Dec. 12
at Eagles - Dec. 19
at Cowboys - Dec. 26
vs. Eagles - Jan. 2
at Giants - Jan. 9

Have questions? Please visit our FAQ page for more information! You can also find the official rules here.

Think you have the winning number? If so, please email us at: CharitableFoundation@WashingtonFootball.com or give us a call at: 703-726-7424 to claim your prize.

Mary Rose Rubin

Mary Rose Rubin

Mary Rose is a born and raised Washington Football Team fan and bleeds burgundy and gold. Mary Rose played the 50/50 Raffle for the first time at the Washington Football Team vs. Colts game. "I looked at the ticket 3 times before showing my ticket to my friends in disbelief," Mary Rose said. "I was completely floored." With her winnings of $28,299, Mary Rose is building her dream kitchen and completing other home improvement projects! She was also able to donate more money to her favorite charity this year, Free Wheelchair Mission which provides wheelchairs for people in third world countries.

Michael Emmart

Michael Emmart

Michael, a native of Annapolis, grew up as a third generation Washington Football Team fan. During the Washington Football Team vs. 49ers game, Michael won $30,953 by playing the 50/50 Raffle. "I was struggling to get the ticket out, but I remember it was a 60 number ticket," Michael said. "My vision was a little blurry at the time, so when I thought I saw the numbers, I had to give it to my wife to double check, who then gave it to her dad to read too. We were so excited. We were jumping up and down!" Michael added that he used his winnings to pay off debt and buy his wife a new computer.

Dan Eubanks

Dan Eubanks

Say hello to Dan! During the Washington Football Team vs. Vikings game, Dan won $26,850 by playing the 50/50 Raffle. "It was my first time playing the 50/50 Raffle and I bought a $20 ticket," Dan said. "I haven't been back to a game since, but I would buy a ticket again." Dan ended up donating a large sum of his winnings to different charities in the area, specifically the Lighthouse Homeless Shelter, SPCA, Bowen Foundation for Autism and CityFam.