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Beyond The Sidelines: Tonee recently caught up with First Lady Tonee, a rookie is currently a contractor administrative who is also going back to school to pursue an MBA. How did you get into the field you're currently in, working as a contractor administrative?

Tonee: "My mother actually helped me find this job. I moved to Alexandria, Va., in Jan. 2012 and exactly one week after I came up here I was working. Fun fact, right after I graduated from Auburn University (Aug. 2011) and before I moved here, I interned for five months at Walt Disney World (in Hollywood Studio—at Rock n' Rollercoaster). So you could say, I was 'making dreams come true' each and every day. As a contractor administrative, I am responsible for making sure the office runs as smoothly as possible. Some of my duties include answering phone calls, responding to building inquires and service calls, maintaining schedules, ordering office supplies, as well as ensuring proper maintenance of all office equipment.

I see that your parents served in the military. Talk about growing up in a Navy family and moving all over the place?

Tonee: "I am so blessed to have two amazing parents who have both served in the military as Navy Officers. My mother retired as a Lieutenant Commander after 22 years of service. Growing up, I lived in six different places and experienced many different cultural environments. And though it was tough starting new schools at each new city, it molded me into the strong, open-minded women I am today. Most of my early childhood was spent moving around to many different places in the United States. I was born in Charleston, S.C., and lived there until I was two. Then I moved to California and lived there for seven years in three different cities: Monterey, San Diego, and San Francisco. After that I moved to Lansing, Mich., when I was nine years old and lived there for two and a half years. And finally, when I was twelve, I moved to Prattville, Ala., where I stayed until I graduated from high school.

Of all the places I was fortunate enough to live, San Francisco was by far my favorite. My family and I lived on Yerba Buena Island (YBI), an island that sits in the San Francisco Bay, which is right between San Francisco and Oakland (located off the middle of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge). I went to school on Treasure Island (a connecting man-made island) when it was known as a U.S. Naval Station (the naval base closed in 1997 and became open to the public). At the time, my mother was Second-in- Command of the entire Naval Base, which was pretty cool if you ask me. What are some of your hobbies away from work and being with the Redskins?

Tonee:"Sometimes I like to pick up a baton and see if I still got it. A huge part of my childhood revolved around Marching Band, nine years of my life to be more specific, starting in ninth grade and all the way through my five years of college. In total, four years I played the clarinet, four years I twirled the flag, and one year I twirled the baton. Twirling the baton is my favorite thing to do though it was also the most challenging. With the help of my friends mini baton lessons, I taught myself how to twirl a baton and after a few years of practice, made the majorette line my senior year of high school. I really like to play volleyball, although I haven't played in a while. Growing up I played a lot of sports (e.g. volleyball, bowling league, golf, swim team, basketball) so I am very athletic and slightly competitive… OK very competitive! Blame that part on my dad. I also like to play music. I really like playing dramatic, heartfelt pieces. I can play the clarinet (started in sixth grade) and currently I am attempting to teach myself how to play the flute and acoustic guitar. The guitar has been the most challenging so far. I don't get to practice nearly as much as I would like. Hopefully my schedule will lighten up and allow me to do so, but with me starting grad school that might not happen anytime soon." How have these first few months been balancing work and being a cheerleader?

Tonee:"The first few months have been a complete whirl wind experience. I was blessed to be an Ambassador last year so I had a pretty good idea of how busy my life would become once I made the team (e.g. games, promos, practice obligations). So mentally I was prepared, but physically not so much. I was not prepared for how drained I would feel the first few months as my body became acclimated to the fierce demands of being a Pro Cheerleader. I mean I wasn't use to working full time, then dancing for four hours at practice and working out right afterwards. My body was sore in places I didn't even know existed. But I wouldn't trade all that I have experienced for anything! Eventually my body got use to the high demands of practice and I have become accustom the scheduling events around my full-time job. And surprisingly, I just started graduate school this Fall (August). As busy as my schedule is, I'm going back to school working towards my MBA with a Specialization in Corporate Finance. I am taking online classes at Walden University."




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