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Chris Thompson Finally Gets To See His Brother After 15 Years


Redskins running back Chris Thompson has been a major cog in the team's offensive game plan this season.

Whether he's needed to carry the football or catch it, Thompson has always been there to heed the call and do what's necessary to help the team come out victorious.

Prior to the season opener with the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday Night Football, Thompson received some special news about his brother who he hadn't seen since he was little.

That night, Thompson's brother was able to see him score the first rushing touchdown of his career, which made the evening that much sweeter.

As fast as the season's flown by, Thompson hasn't had any time at all to catch up with his brother, being that he's been in practices, meetings, traveling and playing in games every weekend.

Thankfully, the Bye Week has allowed Thompson to catch his breath, and finally carve out time to see his brother, as he took to Twitter to let the world know.

"The only contact I had with him was, the last time I visited him I think I was in high school," Thompson said in September. "Maybe a freshman in high school because he was locked up in the town that I grew up in so I was able to see him, but since that moment just a few letters here and there. I found out from my oldest sister a couple days ago that he was getting out. I knew he was getting out this month, but she told me it was going to be Monday so I'm like, 'Man, that's just added motivation and excitement for me because he's always been behind bars since I've been playing ball.'"

Thompson says, through the exchange of letters, his brother was able to keep up on his progress from high school, through his time at Florida State and now with the Redskins.

"It was just normal stuff, him telling me what he's up to and how he had been keeping up with me and everything, although he's been locked up," Thompson said. "That in itself means a lot.  My older sister would talk to him on the phone a lot, and just communicate their conversations to me and we kind of communicated that way too."

For Thompson, it was a load off his mind to know that his big brother was finally free and able to see him shine in the primetime spotlight.

"It was just a good feeling for me to know that he was sitting at home somewhere and just able to watch the game," Thompson said. "And watch me play and not be behind bars and hearing it on the radio or whatever."

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