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'DeSean Jackson Home Team' Premieres At 10 p.m. June 30

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Go ahead and get your DVRs set to BET for 10 p.m. on Tuesday, June 30, as "DeSean Jackson Home Team" premieres that night.

Jackson, of course, is starting his second season with the Washington Redskins, but during the offseason he calls California home, which is where the show is going to be based.

Per, "DeSean Jackson Home Team" is a docu-series that follows the life of NFL player, music artist, film producer, fashion label owner, music producer and label owner DeSean Jackson. This Washington Redskins wide receiver is literally at the top of his game as one of the most talked about and watched players in the NFL today. While being watched is a great thing, it means eyes are always on him — waiting for him to score touchdowns or drop the ball off the field."

And while Jackson works in conjunction with 52 other men during the season, his life is "actually run by a core group of women  including his 'momager' Gayle, his sister and as-Sis-tant A'Dreea, his publicist Denise and his new girlfriend, Kayla."

"This group of dynamic and colorful women are determined to keep DeSean on the straight and narrow, which is something that he desperately needs. With childhood friends and the lures of success pulling him in one direction, it is his family that ultimately makes all the difference in ensuring that DeSean stays on top."




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