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Donovan McNabb Post-Game Press Conference

On how encouraged he is with his individual and offense's performance:

"I don't get caught up in the individual aspect of things. It's about winning ballgames. When you get into a situation like this, offensively we left some points out on the board. There were mistakes at the wrong time, too many miscues which happened. In the second half, it came back to bite us. I think we need to get that corrected and come on out against St. Louis next week and be able to roll from there."

On getting contributions from several receivers:

"Like I said last week, I enjoy giving everybody an opportunity to contribute. Today we had that opportunity to do that. We had some big catches from [Anthony] Armstrong as well as Joey [Galloway], Santana [Moss] and [Chris] Cooley, and including Fred [Davis] into it. Anytime you can spread the ball around and get different guys into it. Anytime you can spread the ball around and get different guys involved, teams have to watch everybody. You just can't key in on one or two particular receivers, everyone got involved today and made some big plays for us."

On the passing game being in rhythm from the start of the game and throughout the game:

"I would love to say yes but that's just the way the game was going, it was really on both sides. They pretty much had the same thing. Offensively in the passing game, they were able to connect and get the chains moving and same with us. I think when you get into a rhythm, you kind of want to stay with it. That's exactly what we did today but we still were able to call some more run plays. Holes are going to open up for us. We know that. We were just maybe one or two blocks from making a big play but we expect that to happen soon."

On the aggressive play calling:

"You've got to love an aggressive coach. Kyle [Shanahan] as well as Mike [Shanahan] are two aggressive guys. You have to do something to kind of put the defensive coordinator on his heels. If he decides to blitz and we come up with a pass play and be able to attack them downfield, that's obviously a bonus for us. It kind of goes back to being balanced again. Whenever we need to run the ball and some clock, we have to be very effective in doing that. Obviously we're going to watch the film and make some corrections and hopefully get a change for next week as well as the rest of the season."

On the holding call against tackle Stephon Heyer:

"It would have us in great position to move the chains and keep the drive going. But again, you have to commend his effort. Stephon [Heyer] came in and filled in and gave great effort to give us an opportunity to complete that pass. I think overall the offensive line did a great job today which gave us an opportunity to get the ball to different guys which led to us putting up points."

On getting his team beyond this loss as a leader:

"When you get into this situation, you have to be able to keep guys' heads up. When you watch the film, you just can't eliminate yourself from the equation. You have to be hard on yourself and I think as a leader and being in this situation before, you want guys to make sure that they recognize the mistakes that they made and come on out to practice throughout the week and be able to change that and still have that confidence knowing that they can do their job at a high level. I think it's important for all of us on the offensive side to be very critical and come on out next week and have a great week of practice."

On Houston slowing the Redskins down after halftime:

"I wouldn't say that they slowed things down. They went back into a zone defense and [zone] blitz, DeMeco Ryans at times, which led to us hitting some intermediate passes. They gave us some opportunities to get down field. We had that one opportunity with Joey [Galloway]. [It] was just right off and maybe things would have been different after that. But, as an offense and as a team, we need to be able to bounce back when things don't go right and I thought we did that. We were right there to win the game but we just didn't complete it."

On the loss being harder because of how well he did in passing:

"We'd all be excited about winning the game. You can be able to be critical coming out next week knowing that you won the game. When you lose a game like this, obviously it's hard. You're hard on yourself but you have to be able to bounce back. You have to have short-term memory. You have to be able to bounce back next week, have a great week of practice, and come on out and make changes next weekend."

On being surprised about the play call for wide receiver Joey Galloway in overtime:

"We had talked on the sideline about their safeties being very aggressive and we expected them to go into the two-shell which led to it possibly being Joey [Galloway] versus DeMeco Ryans down the middle of the field. I tried to buy time by stepping out of the pocket and giving him an opportunity to run up under him but it was just a little bit too far. Those opportunities are going to be there and we just have to be able to complete those."

On if he thought the reviewed pass to wide receiver Jacoby Jones was a catch:

"Well, I was hoping. That would have really worked in our favor but it worked out in their favor both times. I was pretty much just like everybody else that was watching it just waiting on the call."

On if this loss is difficult considering his statistical performance:

"I'm a guy that is a competitor and I hate losing. It doesn't matter if I pass for 400 or 500 yards or if I pass for 100 and something yards. It's about winning and that's what the bottom line is. At the end of the season, it's about the wins and losses. Who has eight, nine, 10 wins to get into the playoffs or who's not able to get into the playoffs. I think this team is talented enough where we can be able to bounce back after a game like this and get this thing rolling. I look forward to being able to lead that for these guys."

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