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Donovan McNabb Promotion

Donovan McNabb Has Landed In Washington!


The Redskins completed a blockbuster trade on Sunday, April 4 when they acquired quarterback Donovan McNabb in a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles. In exchange for McNabb, the Redskins sent to Philadelphia their second-round draft pick (37th overall) in the 2010 NFL Draft and either a third- or fourth-round draft pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. Donovan McNabb Bio on


What They're Saying About Donovan McNabb

Mike Shanahan
*Washington Redskins Head Coach (2010-present)
*"Donovan is an accomplished quarterback who has been a proven winner in the National Football League. I have long admired his competitiveness and feel he will be an outstanding addition to the Redskins and our community. He knows our division and the roadmap to success in the NFC East. He will set a high standard of excellence and we are very excited to welcome Donovan to the Washington Redskins."

Sonny JurgensenHall of Fame Washington Redskins Quarterback (1964-1974)
"Donovan McNabb is a franchise quarterback. I look forward to watching him play for the Redskins. You just have to go back and look at his record and what he's accomplished in Philadelphia. He has a 92-49-1 record; he's been outstanding. He's been fun to watch over the years and it's nice to have him as a Redskin. He's got great escapability, great strength. You can't knock him down, and he stays in the pocket. He sees the field, and he's just played a long time. I think he will grasp the offense, [Head Coach Mike] Shanahan's offense, very quickly because there are some similarities in what he did with Andy Reid."

Darrell Green
Hall of Fame Washington Redskins Cornerback (1983-2002)
"My respect for the Redskins is at an all time (post Joe Gibbs glory days) high. I believe again. Can't wait to see how it all unfolds."

London FletcherWashington Redskins Linebacker (2007-present)
"I think it's great for the Washington Redskins organization to be able to add a player of Donovan's ability. He's a great player, and a proven player in the league. He's a guy who has taken his team to five NFC Championships, one Super Bowl, has been a dominant player at the quarterback position for a number of years. Adding him to our ball club, the expectations have definitely risen beyond just thinking about the playoffs to actually competing for a Super Bowl."

DeAngelo HallWashington Redskins Cornerback (2008-present)
"He's a proven winner in this league and I'm excited to have him as a part of our football team. This instantly makes us a contender for a Super Bowl championship."

Artis Hicks
Washington Redskins Guard (2010-present)
"When you talk about leaders, Donovan is a great leader. He always did everything that was asked of him as a starting quarterback, and sometimes quarterbacks just have to be vocal. It's the position teams look to for leadership and Donovan understands that. Donovan has a big arm, he can run and he's a great athlete, but he's also really smart. You don't have the type of success he's had in this offense unless you can think quickly and make great decisions."

Malcolm Kelly*Washington Redskins Wide Receiver (2008-present)
*"He's a proven guy, and he's led his team to a lot of championship games. A lot of people can't say that about their quarterback. So I think he brings something to the table; a proven leader and a proven winner. Real athletic and he can get it done. I'm looking forward to it. I really think he'll be able to help the team out."

Devin Thomas
*Washington Redskins Wide Receiver (2008-present)
*"He's a Hall of Fame caliber quarterback. For one, he's a leader at the position. He has that charisma and he has that playmaker ability with his feet and with his big arm. He has that toughness from playing in the NFC East his whole career. He's everything you want. And for a young receiver such as myself, who's ready to break out, I couldn't dream of a better quarterback."

Casey Rabach*Washington Redskins Center (2005-present)
*"It puts a face and a leader, an identity, to this offense. That's what this trade does. Donovan is a guy who has done a lot of great things in the NFL for a long time, and he's done it in this style of offense also. And for him to be our teammate now, it's definitely a big move for us."

Brian Mitchell
Former Washington Redskins Running Back (1990-1999)
"He's a proven winner. Looking at Mike Shanahan, he knows the success he had with John Elway in John's later years. His last two years, he wins two Super Bowls and I think he's looking at that same possibility with Donovan McNabb. Although Donovan is not the guy that will run around as he did as a young kid, he's still very mobile. So I think instantly this offense gets credibility, they can go and try to bring some people in to help him, and the receiver corps he has here is probably better than what he's ever had [in Philadelphia] up until they got DeSean Jackson up there. I think it's a major steal and it's a great day for the Redskins."

Ron JaworskiESPN Analyst and Former Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback (1977-1986)
"Donovan knows how to win football games. The Redskins' confidence level has to be going through the roof right now."

Eli Manning
*New York Giants Quarterback (2004-present)
*"Donovan has been a tremendous player for the Eagles, a staple of their organization. He's a tremendous competitor and a tremendous person."

Jeffrey Lurie
Philadelphia Eagles Chairman/Chief Executive Officer
"Donovan McNabb was more than a franchise quarterback for this team. He truly embodied all of the attributes of a great quarterback and of a great person. He has been an excellent representative of this organization and the entire National Football League both on and off the field. I look forward to honoring him as one of the greatest Eagles of all time and hopefully see him enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton one day."

Andy Reid
*Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach (1999-present)
*"Donovan McNabb represented everything a football player could be during his 11 seasons in Philadelphia. He carried this organization to new heights and set a high standard of excellence both on and off the field. We thank him for everything he did for this football team and for this city."

Herm Edwards
ESPN Analyst/Philadelphia Eagles Cornerback (1977-1985)
"As time passes, he'll have a great legacy in Philadelphia and I just think the way he entered the city, draft day, it's kind of ironic. He kind of leaves the same way. Some people are very happy, some people won't be happy and that's kind of Donovan McNabb's career. When you look back at it, his numbers, the wins, the NFC Championship games that he was involved in, he's the best at it. I think later on people will appreciate what he's done there for the city. He fell short and did not win a Super Bowl. I get that part. I was involved in one, in Super Bowl XV when we lost and Ron Jaworski was the quarterback, and if you look back at the history of Ron they love him in Philadelphia and it'll be the same way for Donovan."

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