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Fan Organizes His Bedside Redskins Shelf


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If you aspire to have a Redskins fan cave at some point in your life, sometimes it's best to start small and see how you maintain a less invasive area.

Specifically, you could do what this fan did: clear out a space on a shelf by your bed and fill it with Redskins gear – and then post it to a Facebook fan group such as "Hail To The Redskins."

I'm sure this is still a work in progress (I could see some small posters taped to the back paneling, just a suggestion) but there's a nice diversity of objects – a helmet, some footballs, player cards and a lego set – that make it unique.

It's a simple way to show your fandom, making a shrine that doesn't feel too exclamatory when guests enter the house.

Of course, if your guests are Redskins fans, best to start building out that fan cave. 




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