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Fan Preserves 1992 Redskins Super Bowl Wheaties Box


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The Wheaties box has begun to lose some of its significance as of late. Without the sugar and marketability of some other cereals, its sales have been dwindling.

The "Breakfast of Champions" used to be one of the few fitness cereals available, but now it's taken a back seat to many others that have rebranded (like Special K) and are dominating that corner of the market.

I bring this up because a fan posted a photo -- to the Facebook fan group "2014 Redskins Nation" -- of a Wheaties Box he has preserved from 1992, featuring members of the Redskins' Super Bowl-winning team.

Back then, getting the box with some of the best athletes in America was inspiring, especially if you were a Redskins fan that year.

For this champions edition, you can see quarterback Mark Rypien (No. 11), Charles Mann (No. 71), Jim Lachey (No.79), Ricky Sanders (No. 83) and Earnest Byner (No. 21).

Does anyone else have this box saved somewhere?




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