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Fan's Dedication Leads To Toy Machine Success

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Sometimes, it's not the size of the memorabilia that's important; it's the size of your pursuit to get it.

Such is the case Sydney, who so desperately wanted a Redskins neck tag from her local Walmart toy machine that she spent an entire month trying to retrieve from those pesky toy grabbers that look fine in theory but rarely grasp as they're told (re: The Claw from "Toy Story").

To be clear, I can't imagine she spent every day at Walmart (that would be problematic), but it seems as though this required several trips and several failed attempts to win her prize, if only to represent her favorite team around her neck every day.

We have to applaud this effort and call her a devoted fan because it epitomizes the word. You can wear a jersey each day, though that doesn't always indicate your devotion. Fishing for a neck tag from a rigged toy machine? That's more like it.

So, congrats, Sydney, and don't ever get duped by a toy machine again.




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