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First Lady Savanna Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month 


Hey Redskins Nation! 

It's Savanna and I am so excited to be sharing Hispanic Heritage Month with you! My mother is Cuban, and my father is Italian, so it keeps things quite interesting in our household. I was raised in both Hispanic and Italian traditions and I am proud to have such a diverse family. When I think of family, the first person that comes to mind is my Abuelo Pepe. He was a hardworking man who came to the United States from Cuba to start a family and a business. Abuelo Pepe is no longer with us, but he has left such a big impact on me and my family. He ensured that I grew up in a traditional Cuban household and always spoke to me in Spanish. 

One of my favorite traditions to celebrate with my family is Noche Buena. Noche Buena is most commonly known as Christmas Eve. We celebrate with pernil, arroz con frijoles, pasteles and yucca. This has always been a holiday where all of our family comes together. We sing, eat, laugh and enjoy our traditions with some Latin love. 

Often times, when I am out and about and I hear people speaking Spanish, smell Caribbean spices cooking, or hear the Latin beats in the streets, the nostalgic feeling overwhelms me. Our Hispanic culture is engraved in our hearts and souls. I welcome you to experience our culture!

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