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First Round Pick Brandon Scherff Is Crazy Big And Crazy Athletic

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Let's just be clear. Brandon Scherff is a big man.

The Redskins' 2015 first-round draft pick will bolster the offensive line with his enormous size and strength.

Just look at him hang-clean 410 pounds three times below. He topped it shortly after with 437 pounds.

But there's also a highly gifted athlete within all that brute force.

In high school, Scherff played quarterback and was a standout pitcher who could throw in the mid-80s. He played basketball and averaged a double-double. He's also a varsity letter-winning tennis player and a state champion shot putter. Yeah, he can play.

"Freshman year I went from track practice to tennis practice to baseball practice all in the same day," Scherff said to local reporters Thursday. "You want to do a little both [finesse and power]. People thought I was a power guy and then you come in with finesse a little bit and catch them off guard. But, you have to have both of those in your game. Playing tennis, I was 250 [pounds]."

"I have post moves, yeah," he said, "but I play football."

One of his high school coaches called him Paul Bunyan.

"He's just super powerful in his hips and lower body," said Chris Doyle, Iowa's strength coach in a FoxSports article. "He's extremely gifted genetically, and he's such a great kid to work with because he's as competitive as any kid you'll ever be around and he's extremely positive."

To get a better understanding of his play, take a look at him stuffing a blitz package coming his way (Scherff is No. 68). It's domination. 

"I think [having a nasty demeanor is] what every lineman wants to be known for," Scherff said. "You want to be known as tough and nasty, physical. I think that just goes to show what Coach Brian Ferentz does back at the University of Iowa."




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