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If Nick Sundberg Can't Play, Colt McCoy Is The Redskins' Emergency Longsnapper


Head coach Jay Gruden said on Friday that in the case longsnapper Nick Sundberg's back injury prevents him from playing, the team may need McCoy to snap.

Longsnapper Nick Sundberg tweaked his back earlier this week and was still feeling pain on Friday, according to head coach Jay Gruden, which makes his status for Sunday night's game against the Packers up for question.

"We'll have to wait and see," Gruden said. "Still a little ginger, walking gingerly on his back, well he's not walking on his back, but he's walking gingerly. We'll have to wait and see. We'll make adjustments to the roster if he can't go."

The Redskins worked out a couple of longsnappers on Friday in case things don't improve, but should they find themselves in an emergency situation, Gruden said that quarterback Colt McCoy would fill in as the team's longsnapper.

While the news certainly surprised most of the media in attendance, it didn't shock punter Tress Way, who said McCoy spent some time snapping the ball to him today.

"I hate giving props to a Longhorn, but the dude can snap," Way said. "You want to talk about all-around athlete -- ping pong, basketball, I think he's our backup punter too, I mean the dude can do it all. He did it today and he did a good job."

If Sundberg can't go, Way said it shouldn't be too difficult to adjust to a different longsnapper for Sunday, explaining that he only needs about five minutes with someone new before he feels comfortable with their delivery and spiral.

"Everybody's so good now that you just get somebody to throw it back there and you just get used to catching their ball and you're good," Way said. "Nick [Sundberg] is obviously one of the best, if not the best in the league, but there's a lot of great guys out there and whoever's snapping for the rest of my career, wherever I am, it just takes a little bit to practice somebody and you get the groove."

McCoy wasn't available after practice, rushing right to the hospital for a different kind of emergency: the birth of his second child.

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