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Jeron Johnson Wonders If Some Of Deion Sanders Old Cleats Are Still Around

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Could Primetime's Jordan cleats – nearly 15 years after they roamed NFL stadiums – be making a comeback this season?

Current Washington Redskins safety Jeron Johnson on Thursday tweeted out two photos of Deion Sanders during his time with the Redskins, asking if, by chance, he left some of his old Jordan cleats around at Redskins Park.

Sure, it's been 15 years since Sanders sported the burgundy and gold, but you never know, maybe there is a pair around here somewhere for Johnson to use.

Regardless of whatever he chooses to wear on his feet once the season starts, Johnson believes he's "an all-around player" who can help the Redskins in multiple areas.

"I play free safety, strong safety, but hitting is definitely a part of my game," he said. "I'm a physical player and I plan on delivering the blow. We're going to have some fun, man. We're going to have some fun. I'm excited for the direction things are going around here and I'm ready to get to work this year."




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