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Made Up And Over! It's A Rookie Makeover! 

Memorial Day Blog Lead Art

Ashley D. and Amy are ready for team photos and to hit the field with their new looks!


What do you get when you put grit, glam, and grace together? A Washington Redskins Cheerleader! Shining from the inside out, Washington Redskins Cheerleaders know what it means to show off glamour with style! At the beginning of each season, the cheerleaders host a Rookie makeover, and this year I was lucky enough to be chosen!

I was so excited to be chosen as one of the two rookies for the Rookie Makeover! Keeping healthy long hair has always been important to me. I was excited to go to our sponsors, Mixed Elements, to learn more about their techniques for maintaining healthy hair and to glam up my hairstyle. Before coming in I was a little nervous because I had never dyed my hair before, but I knew I would be in great hands.

The day has arrived!! Ashley and I were enthusiastically greeted by the Mixed Elements staff who made us feel right at home throughout the entire process. They offered us coffee, water, and snacks and it was time to get to work! I expressed my butterflies about dying my hair for the first time so we decided to go with a light, soft glaze and babylights framing my face. Brenda did such an amazing job! Cutting 6 inches off, she still kept my long length, making it healthy and ready for the season. I had so much fun working with her, and I am in love with what she did to my hair!

Ashley and I had a fun day with all of the Mixed Elements staff! Their studio is beautiful inside! They are so friendly and really care about the health and style of your hair making sure your hair compliments your features. Thank you so much Brenda for creating a color and style that I love and to the entire Mixed Elements staff. I had a great experience and can't wait to go back!!



Ashley D.

Out of eleven rookies I wasn't expecting to be one of the two ladies selected for a makeover. I mean let's be honest … not to brag but my rookie class is beautiful, it could've been any of us! When my name was called there was that instant moment of wondering what was going through Stephanie's mind for my look: is she cutting my hair, making it longer? Oh my goodness am I getting a new color?! Either way, being the kind of girl I am, changes don't phase me. I actually embrace them! Good ones, that is.

Not too long after being selected, Amy and I were on our way to our appointment at Mixed Elements Salon. Walking inside was like walking into a spa, the atmosphere was relaxing and pleasant. As we were warmly greeted by Sandy and Brenda, we toured the salon (which was huge) as they discussed the styles they would be giving us. 

Finally, it was time to get started. As I sat in the chair I stared at my blonde hair trying to imagine how'd I look with the style I had been given. My stylist, Sophia, explained she would be toning down my blonde hair and adding lowlights. With that being said she began to work her magic. 

 After mixing the colors for the dye, sweeping it through my hair, and washing the excess color, it was time to style and reveal my new look. I was in shock! It looked nothing like I thought it would … it was better and it was bomb! Toning down the blonde softened and brought out my features. The lowlights gave it mystery and I was in love! I couldn't help staring at myself the entire time she was styling my hair! Even afterwards, anything that provided a reflection; I was stealing glimpses.  

To say the least I was satisfied with my new look, Sophia jammed (snaps fingers). 


Ashley D.

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