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Martrell Spaight's Play Defined As 'Spaighting'

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You know a player is pretty stinkin' good when a phrase is created in honor of his playing style.

New Washington Redskins linebacker Martrell Spaight excelled at Arkansas, earning first-team All-SEC honors while also recording a team-high 128 tackles.

But before he even took the field, Spaight was "Spaighting" guys.

That's right, "Spaighting" and "you've been Spaighted" became familiar vernacular for the Arkansas football program.

As told to, "Spaighting" started up during practices in 2012 before his first season as a Razorback.

"In the first little scrimmage we had, I caught an out route, turned up that corner and, 'Wham,'" said Arkansas freshman receiver Drew Morgan. "I got smoked about three yards out of bounds. He was like, 'Welcome to the SEC.' I was like, 'Okey-dokey.'"

Head coach Bret Bielema said Spaight's play, even in practice, really made him stand out.

"He has got a got a gift," Bielema said. "His core strength from knees to abdomen is incredible. He just is an incredibly explosive player."

Spaight, meanwhile, couldn't really believe his play would have a phrase attached to it.

"It's kind of crazy," Spaight said. "It came out of nowhere. Now I've got people coming up to me saying 'Who are you going to Spaight today?' It's a crazy feeling."

That guy up there in the YouTube video?

Yeah, he was Spaighted.




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