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New Redskin Dashon Goldson Has Red Carpet Fashion And Trained With Jay Glazer


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Dashon Goldson, who was recently traded to the Redskins, is quite the media personality.

The hard hitting safety often makes appearances for sports show segments and has been generous in letting camera crews following him around for special events and red carpets.

Like this video below, chronicling the few hours in his Los Angeles home before Goldson hit the red carpet for the ESPY Awards:

You get to peek at part of the inside of his home and meet his fiancée, Ashley, a celebrity fashion stylist, who has apparently styled everyone from Usher to Justin Bieber. That means Goldson always gets to look "on fleek," as Redskins linebacker Will Compton might say.  

Ashley was disappointed (she supposedly cried) when Goldson cut his signature dreadlocks on New Year's Day 2014.

"I'm getting older," Goldson told USA Today. "I look at myself as an entrepreneur. I just wanted to clean it up."

Goldson has also been working on his tackling mechanics over the years as the game continues to change the way defensive players can approach opponents. After nursing a foot injury last offseason, he did some dynamic training sessions – including some MMA -- with football analyst Jay Glazer.

"I found out early that you don't have to be the biggest or the strongest. You've just got to have heart," Goldson said in the video.

"Some of the advice I'd give a high school kid, of course, take your school work seriously," he said. "All that work you put in, it's not going to mean anything if you don't put it into the books. That will allow you the chance to get to the next level.

He said he's still working on his "dash," the punctuation between his birth date to his death.

As we've seen from other Redskins defensive backs this offseason, Goldson, in another video, shows off his agility and ways to improve changing directions using a variety of lateral movement drills.

Whether it's fashion or footwork, Goldson takes it all seriously. 




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