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Niles Paul Shares His Movie Nightmares On Twitter


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Apparently, Redskins tight end Niles Paul isn't a big fan of dinosaurs.

Can you blame him? If they were still alive, many would probably admit the same.

On the day executive producer Steven Spielberg's latest movie "Jurassic World" hits theaters, Paul admitted on a short Twitter confession that he woke up thinking about the movie and all of its scaly, chomping, visual effects glory. It wasn't necessarily out of excitement though.

Paul went through some nightmare problems into his teenage years thanks to T-Rex and his large mouth. To this day, it probably still haunts him.

Ruminating about nightmares and scary movies then allowed Paul to be more forthright with his followers.

"Jurassic Park," he mentions again, "It," and "Chucky" are all movies where creatures, clowns and dolls attack. That can be mentally scarring for a young kid.

Paul further clarified his fear.

Resiliency is the key word.

So, chances are Niles Paul will not be heading to multiplex this weekend to see Chris Pratt wrangle some raptors.

If he does go, we'll know he's conquered some deeply rooted fears.





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