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Pedro Taylor Remembers Sean At Draft Day Party Book Signing


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"Parents of celebrities want to be celebrities," said Steven Rosenberg, "but [Pedro Taylor] never asks for it."

That much was evident Saturday afternoon on the club lounge of FedExField during the Redskins Draft Day

Party. Pedro, the father of Redskins great Sean Taylor, sat signing copies of his new book "Going Full Speed, The Sean Taylor Stories," taking photos and engaging with those patiently waiting.

Rosenberg, who helped write the book, sat beside Pedro admiring the long line of Redskins fans eager to meet the father of one of their favorite players.

"He's a very humble guy and yet people just want to be with him, they want to take pictures with him," Rosenberg said. "Pedro Taylor is the best producer I've ever worked with.  His rolodex is enormous. Every person he called to participate from Dan Snyder on down, everybody said, 'What else can we do?' The love for Sean is enormous. We had many, many writing sessions -- it's like a movie -- we wrote it out of order and then it was my job to orchestrate."

Taylor, in between signing copies and posing with fans young and old, was happy to tell Sean's story through his perspective.

"I want the people of D.C. to know that he was really a good kid, a hard worker and he never shied away from performing at his best," Taylor said. "We always talk about treating people right and doing what's right and this is the honor to show that he was truly treating people right."

Patty Rosenberg had the task of editing the book, which took more than 500 hours but allowed her to

Check out these photos of the Washington Redskins Draft Day Party on Saturday, May 1, 2015 at FedExField in Landover, Md.

understand deeply the impact Sean Taylor had on so many people.

"It was fascinating," she said. "Just to see and to listen to what the various individuals had to say about Sean was amazing and very, very touching. It was gut-wrenching, too, to listen to some of the stories because it was so sad. It made me cry a lot. So it was hard to type and cry at the same time."

Taylor was inducted recently into the University of Miami's Sports Hall of Fame. Pedro accepted the award on his son's behalf, another milestone to the incredible outpouring of love for Sean Taylor and his legacy.

"These are things that you as a kid dream of," Pedro said. "And when it happens it's just a big appreciation to know that you worked so hard to do what you're supposed to do and paid attention to the coaches, that's the most important thing.

"I appreciate everything that's happened with Sean. I really do miss him a lot. I'm just thankful for the Redskins and the people who support him to keep that dream alive."




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