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PHOTO: Check Out This Handpainted Redskins Cooler

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How do you turn an average cooler into a great one? You brand and airbrush a Redskins logo onto one.

At least, that's what Andy Diaz, a Redskins fanatic hailing from El Paso, Tex., did to show his fandom.

Turning a wooden ice box into a game day watering hole, Diaz, who also has the Redskins logo tattooed on his arm, put a lot of craftsmanship into his next emblazoned item.

In what is known as pyrography, Diaz likely used a wood-burning pen, a hand-held device with metal tips that heat up, giving him outlines to paint the design and finish with a perfect rendering of the logo.

After a long day's work, I'm sure he was ready to use his finished product immediately. 




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