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PHOTO: Fan's Day Made With Autographed Football From Darrel Young


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Whether it's the local students he sees every week during community events, the servicemen and servicewomen he exchanges stories with or his teammates after one of his touchdowns, Washington Redskins fullback Darrel Young knows how to put a smile on nearly anyone's face.

You can add Redskins fan Phil to that list.

Found on, Phil posted the above photo, a gift from one of his coworkers.

A lot of the comments in response to the photo remarked how kind Young is, including this one from user "IONTOP."

"DY is a super friendly person. A month before I moved from Fairfax to Arizona I waited on him and Niles, both were SUPER respectful (please, thank you, etc.), and might have remembered them even if they weren't Redskins. DY is built like a small house. Just muscle everywhere," they wrote.




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