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PHOTO: What Do You Think Of This Redskins Shrine?

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Most fans of any professional sport team are disorganized when it comes to keeping their regalia in the same spot.

Hats and shirts in the closet, a mug in the cabinet, posters on the wall. Sure, these are all logical places for your team gear to stay, but rarely do you get to show the extremes of your fandom to guests in one spot.

We've posted before about Redskins-themed rooms and fan caves, but this photo looks more like a Pedro Cerrano-esque shrine to the burgundy and gold. 

It's nothing too flashy (I enjoy the removed lampshade) because it's confined to a corner of the room. It's the best way to tell dinner guests that you are a hightly devoted fan, but you don't let it take over your life in problematic ways. 

What needs to join this table next?




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