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PHOTOS: Add These Burgundy And Gold Bracelets To Your Collection

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Yeah, that's a lot of burgundy and gold to look at. Adjusted? Good.

So, here's the thing. This generation of fans has been spoiled. With the internet and DIY-entrepreneurs, people can pretty much create their own tapestry of fandom.  

No longer are they bound to the options – though plentiful – of team stores and curated gear. 

That's probably what inspired "The Buckster," as he's known on Twitter, who creates custom corded bracelets that fit snuggly around your wrist and seem sure to be nice conversation starters.

It's a small way to wear your team's pride on your sleeve, pun intended, without having to drastically alter your wardrobe that's been stifled by the strict boundaries of your work's dress codes. 




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