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Preston Smith Dons Redskins Hat With Graduation Gown

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It's been quite the week for Preston Smith.

Drafted by the Washington Redskins last weekend, Smith – an interdisciplinary studies major – is graduating today.

Next weekend, Smith will be joining other rookies at Redskins Park for rookie minicamp.

While the SEC school's curriculum prepared him with the necessary tools to succeed after college, so too did the conference's competition on the football field.

"You know, in the SEC, you've got to be smart about how you play," Smith told reporters last weekend. "We play a lot of zone read teams so you can't just rush up the field. You've got to sit on the line of scrimmage and play the zone read or play your assignment. If you rush up the field, they can rush it up your gap and rush for about 50 yards a carry."

Congrats, Preston!




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