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Preston Smith's Favorite Player Growing Up Was Clinton Portis

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Preston Smith is a terrorizing presence for any running back that lines up across him, but he at one point foresaw himself as a future running back.


He looked up to former Redskins great Clinton Portis.

"I felt like I was bigger than most of the kids in my age. They tried to play me at O-Line, but I wanted to play running back," Smith told The Clarion-Ledger. "So I was playing running back. I was big like Clinton Portis." 

Smith remembers watching Portis run over opponents, and being how big he is, wanted to do the same.

"He was a big running back who could move really well," he told reporters Friday evening. "I chose a running back [as my favorite player] that was big and could move well, and it was Clinton Portis, and he became my favorite player since."

It would have been fun to see the 6-foot-7, 271 pounder try to barrel over players around the same size as him, but Smith joins a linebackers corps that also features Ryan Kerrigan and Trent Murphy.




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