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Preston Smith's Mom Kept Him Active As A Kid

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There is a lot of specialization in youth sports today. AAU has become an incredible way to showcase teenagers' talents but it can also spawn resentment from the athletes themselves, playing all year round, taking the inherent joy out of the game.

Linebacker Preston Smith never came from that background thanks to his mother. Growing up in Atlanta, Ga., Smith said he played three sports – basketball, baseball and football – no doubt helping with many facets of his game today.

"My mom was trying to keep us active and have a lot of dimensions to our life, not being a one sport athlete, playing a lot of sports and just having a lot of different athletic ability," he said Tuesday on "Redskins Nation."

As for his basketball skills, Smith realizes he has the stature to be in the NBA, not necessarily the skills.

"I probably can leap with the best of them. I'm probably the size of an NBA point guard or a shooting guard. But I play with the physical-ness of a 6-10 small forward or power forward." 




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