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Quotes: Introductory Press Conference: Scherff, Smith, Jones (05.02.15)

Introductory Press Conference: Brandon Scherff, Preston Smith and Matt Jones

Opening statements:

SCHERFF: "I just want to say thanks for everybody who came out and I want to thank the Redskins organization for allowing me to be a part of this great organization. I'm just ready to get after it with these guys on the field and I'm looking forward to starting day one."

SMITH: "I just want to thank the Redskins organization for bringing out and allowing me to be a part of this team. I'm grateful to be a part of this new family in the Redskins and to be a part of new traditions here in D.C. Thank y'all for coming out today to support us."

JONES: "I just want to thank y'all for coming out today. I'm so happy to be a part of this and I'm definitely one of Wale's biggest fans and these boys right here, man. It just takes a lot out here just to keep us grinding and everything going. Just thank you."

On the reality of being a member of the Redskins:

SCHERFF: "Yeah, absolutely. It's just a dream come true. As a little kid, you always wish for something like this and then seeing that phone ring on Thursday night was absolutely incredible and then being out in the facility and just meeting all the coaching staff, it's finally all starting to settle in."

On his thoughts about the stadium:

SCHERFF: "It's absolutely incredible. I haven't seen it from the inside, but I've seen it from the outside. I met a couple of fans and they were fantastic."

* *

On their familiarity with the history of the Redskins:

SCHERFF: "Yeah, I had the pleasure to go out to eat with Coach [Bill] Callahan last night and he talked about that. Just getting back to old style football, hard-nosed football, bringing back the Hogs, and he talked about that a little bit last night. You know, that's what we're going to try to do this coming year, start off on the right foot."

SMITH: "I'm really familiar with the world championships back in the day and we're trying to rebuild and turn it around and bring it back. Start things back up and get things back going here in D.C."

JONES: "I'm still learning about the history. But, I'm know a little bit about it from just learning form Clinton Portis film and stuff like that and knowing that coach wants to get back to that downhill running, just getting me and Alfred Morris together, stuff like that, running it downhill, a little tight zone and stuff like that. So I'm happy to be a part of it and ready to make history."

On how the Redskins are building the team:

SCHERFF: "I think like we stated before, just get back to the old days – the ground and pound football, which will open up all the passing lanes. I think that's what they want to start doing and that's what we will start doing from day one."

On handling any potential struggles:

SCHERFF: "I mean, you just have got to go after it each and every day. Losing is a part of football, but you don't want to lose. But, some days you know that's going to happen. You've just got to improve and look at the details of what you did wrong and how you can improve and just keep going one day at a time. You've just got to keep working at it each and every day."

On Scherff playing quarterback and tennis during high school and transitioning into a lineman:

SCHERFF: "Yeah, I played quarterback at 290 pounds and then I went from track practice to tennis practice to baseball practice my freshman year. So I gave tennis up because track and tennis were the same season, so I had to give one up, because I wanted to stay committed to two sports, So I gave tennis up and I think I outgrew that sport just a little bit."

On Smith switching from defensive end in college to a 3-4 outside linebacker under Joe Barry:

SMITH: "I haven't thought too much about it yet. We ran a lot of different looks at my school, so I'm familiar with the position. And I know Ryan Kerrigan also was a 4-3 end who transitioned to a 3-4 outside linebacker, and he transitioned really well. I feel like from the looks we had with my coaching staff at our school, it actually helped me be able to transition into this role a lot smoother than most players would."

On Scherff's knee injury and how it affected his pass protection:

SCHERFF: "I think it affected it a little bit, but you can't blame anything on that. I came out and played after surgery, so that was my choice. They said I could take two to three weeks off, but I didn't want to, so that was really my choice to play. If I was able to play, I was going to play."

On where Smith feels most comfortable playing:

SMITH: "I feel comfortable being used multiple ways, moving along the defensive line. That's what I asked for and the coaching staff at my school to kind of create better chances for me to be able to make plays in places I'm needed, or in places the defense may need a playmaker at. That's why I feel like I was needed outside, inside, left or right. It didn't matter. I just wanted to be where a playmaker was needed."

On Jones being physical and his role in pass protection:

JONES: "I love the pass pro, man. I learned in high school to protect the quarterback always. I just love just the physicality of pass pro and just striking guys and throwing the blow at them first. I know at this level, you've got to protect your quarterback because they pay them a whole lot of money. And I know that I can make me some more money protecting him [laughter]."

On how Offensive Line Coach Bill Callahan can help Scherff improve:

SCHERFF: "I think he can do everything, seeing what he did with the Cowboys last year, it's just been a pleasure speaking with him for about a day. I talked to him yesterday and I had the chance to go out to eat with him last night, and we just talked about getting back to old-school football. I'm going to come in and be prepared to learn from him each and every day and just try to get better at everything that involves pass protection, run blocking. Whatever he can do, I know he can do a lot for me, and I'm just going to take advantage of it."

On the differences between Jones and running back Alfred Morris:

JONES: "With my size, I'm big for a running back. Very powerful. Toughness. I like to block, as you know. I like to catch the ball out of the backfield. I feel like I'm an every down back. I feel like I can do everything a little back can. But me and Alfred Morris, I think we'll be a great one-two punch at all times, not to take anything from him. I think he's a great back and I'm ready to learn from him and for him to be a big brother to me."

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