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Quotes: Jay Gruden (8.12.15)

Head Coach Jay Gruden

On if he has an injury update on tight end Logan Paulsen:

"We're discussing that. He got back from North Carolina last night, and we're going to meet with him today and he's going to make a decision. We'll make a decision on his status moving forward whether he has surgery or not."

On Paulsen's injury:

"It's his big toe… I haven't got the report yet. I haven't talked to [Head Athletic Trainer] Larry [Hess] yet. We woke up, had meetings and came out here. So I plan on talking to Larry after this press conference."

On if he has ruled any new players out:

"Jordan Reed. And [Will] Compton will be a game-time decision."

On the playing time for tight ends tomorrow:

"Yeah, we're going to check Niles [Paul] pregame. He's anticipating playing a little bit and [Je'Ron] Hamm, he'll get a lot – and [Chase] Dixon."

On the things he will look for in the preseason opener:

"Offensively – you break it down in groups – offensively, we're looking for good tempo in and out of the huddle. You're looking for assignment-sound football. We're looking for people to finish blocks. We're looking for quarterbacks to get the ball out of their hands, make the right decisions. We're looking for backs to hit the hole and keep their feet moving and yards after contact and ball security. And receivers, route distribution, route definition and see how they catch the ball and see if they can separate against a very good group of corners for Cleveland. Defensively, you're looking for gap security, obviously, knowing your assignment and then great pursuit angles. Then obviously, tackling – fundamental tackling. And for special teams, very similar. There's a lot to look at. Then you're looking at these young guys, seeing how they've progressed not only physically but mentally and see if they can put it all together and make split decisions, quick decisions in game situations. There's a lot to look at for these guys, and we have a lot of guys that are really competing for jobs. These games are very, very important to see who is going to rise."

On the preseason:

"I think a lot of the veteran guys who have been there and done that, you know what type of camp they have, what type of shape they're in, they don't necessarily a lot of reps, but you do like to get that continuity on offense or defense, keep them out there a little bit. This is about finding out your 53-man roster. Finding out about the young guys, it's a chance for these guys to play. Once the season starts, the practice squad guys you have to be selective on bringing in. Your backups don't get a lot of playing time unless there's injury. So this is a chance for them to really show what they can do in game situations because as we know last year, we had so many injuries, the practice squad guys were brought up, the backups became starters, and this is valuable time for them to get the reps."

On the plan for the starters for tomorrow:

"We'll play it by ear, see how we do. [If] we receive the opening kick, if we don't receive the opening kick, we'll see. Obviously if we go three and out, we'll bring them back out for another series or two. If we have a long touchdown drive, that could be it. But we'll see how it goes, we'll see how their feeling. But that'll be a game-time decision for me too."

On quarterback Robert Griffin III's playing time tomorrow:

"We'll see. I don't know — depends on the type of plays we call. We'll play it by ear. I told those guys, anticipate playing a quarter. It could be less. It won't be more than a quarter unless we're finishing a drive."

On if the team has discussed a possible comeback attempt by former tight end Chris Cooley:

"We have not talked about that yet. We're waiting to find out the exact status of Logan [Paulsen] first. He's our No. 1 priority and once that decision has becomes final and how long we know he will be out, then we will start possibly looking for others. But we have guys in this building we want to look at too. Hamm, Dixon, and [Devin] Mahina, they have done some good things out here in training camp. Let's give them a chance in this game and then go from there."

On wide receiver Jamison Crowder:

"No, he's not going to play. He's very close to playing, but you know, those hamstrings, you rush him back and we don't want to re-injure it. We want to make sure he is full-go for Week 2."

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