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Quotes: Jay Gruden (8.23.15)

Head Coach Jay Gruden

On quarterback Robert Griffin III:

"I think he did good. He's cleared for non-contact activity today. He'll be checked by a neurosurgeon later this week to determine whether he'll be cleared for the game. But, so far, so good. He didn't have any headaches or anything of that nature. He did a good job of executing the offense today."

On how Griffin progressed quickly through the NFL concussion protocol:

"I have no idea. You know, he just went through the necessary steps with the doctors and the concussion tests that is all implemented by our training staff. And so far, he has taken the necessary steps. You know, it's been two full days and today is Sunday afternoon so he has had some time to recover and go through the necessary steps. He hasn't been totally cleared yet. Like I said, he's got to still go to a neurosurgeon. But, we'll wait and see."

On what the offense needs to fix going forward:

"We need to fix a lot, obviously. We are working with a new right side of our line and had some new tight end issues going on in there and a new left tackle. So we had some guys that needed the work and it wasn't very effective to say the least. We had 16 plays and I think one first down. The quarterback got hit as you well know a few times. So, a lot to work on. Not a finished product by any stretch, but we are moving forward."

On only allowing 91 rushing yards through two games and if that is attributed to new tactics or players:

"I think a little bit of both. I think our interior defensive line, we're pretty deep. So, we take our first unit out and the second unit is as good as our first unit too. We have a lot of depth on the defensive line and some offensive lines in preseason games don't have that same depth as we do on defense. So, I attribute that to the depth and good solid tackling. Our tackling does need improving. I think we missed 10-12 tackles throughout that game [against Detroit], but for the most part we are doing a very good job of tackling."

On the importance of the first-team offense scoring points against Baltimore:

"We'd love to see success and we'd love to see successful drives, obviously. It's not going to make or break our approach to the Miami Dolphins in Week 1, but we would like to get some positive play production from our ones. We haven't had much. We had the opportunity against Cleveland with the dropped pass and we kicked the field goal against Cleveland. Last week we had four drives and one first down. We'd obviously like to get something going. It's going to be on the road against a very Baltimore defense obviously and it won't be easy. But it'll be great work for us and hopefully we'll just get better."

On where the team stands with selecting captains:

"We did the offseason thing where we did the parking spots. Those guys are just kind of alternating captains throughout the preseason and we'll have a vote once we have our final roster cut down. We'll have a vote after that."

On tight end Derek Carrier:

"Well, they were loaded at tight end in San Fran. We watched him on tape and he's very good. He's a converted wide receiver, a basketball player. He's put on some weight. He looks like he competes in the running game, which is excellent, but he's obviously very athletic. I think it's a good young prospect to work with. I wish we would have had him a little earlier but we'll get him going. We still have a couple weeks left to get him going and see if he'll be ready for Miami, but we're excited about the prospect of him coming in and competing right away."

On linebacker Trent Murphy and kicker Kai Forbath:

"Kai [Forbath] was a little sore. His quad was a little sore so we held him out of kicking today. He'll be fine. He'll kick whenever we practice again. Trent Murphy aggravated a hip, just a little sore, but I think he's going to be OK – day-to-day-type thing."

On cornerback Chris Culliver:

"I missed that one. I thought he was out there in two-minute today... Yeah, I think he'll be OK. I didn't hear that one."

On Griffin's pocket presence:

"It's all a process, a work-in-process. We obviously can't give up immediate pressure. When we do, it's not good so far. We got bull-rushed in the first one. We blew a protection on the next one. They had a nice blitz where they hug-rushed the back and we didn't have him accounted for. On the other one, he made a great throw to Andre Roberts, just a little bit up almost he caught on the out route. We got one, Willie [Smith] gave up a little pressure but these are things we just have to continue to work. The Detroit Lions have a very good defensive line. We're going to face excellent defensive lines every game. We've just got to continue working on our continuity and he's got to try to manufacture some movement in the pocket if we can, but he didn't have much of an opportunity in that game."

On if he has seen growth in that area from Griffin:

"Well, it's hard to tell in shorts because they're not tackling him, but I think today he stepped up and scrambled on a nice job today. We'll have to wait and see. I think the more he sees — the key is as you're going through your process of reading the coverage, transition that and having the peripheral to step up in the pocket — that's something all young quarterbacks have to work through and he will."

On what he saw from Jamison Crowder and Will Compton, both of whom returned from injury:

"Excellent. The big thing is we don't like to rush those guys back. We want to make sure they're ready to roll. Jamison looks like he's good and same with Will. Hopefully we'll get DeSean [Jackson] back pretty soon. He did individual today. And [Bashaud] Breeland did a little bit of work today which was fun to see. These guys are progressing along very good. You can see their commitment to rehabbing. Coming in here with the trainers every day and the work that they're putting in because they're recovering pretty quick. Jordan Reed is another one that is very close to being on the brink of coming back."

On if cornerback Bashaud Breeland is ahead of schedule:

"I think he is, personally. I don't know, you'd have to ask Larry [Hess]. I think, those prognoses, you just never know. You say 4-6 weeks, 5-7, whatever. He will always be – the way Breeland works – he will always side on the lower number."

On during which play Griffin sustained the concussion:

"I don't know. Can't tell you."

On if there was confusion with Griffin's prognosis:

"No, when he was on the ground, I think… You know, the concussion, whether it is a concussion, whether it is not a concussion, it is up to the doctor to decide whether he thinks it is or not. Sometimes a player says he doesn't have one, but if he is showing signs of a concussion then the doctor will recommend that he go sees a doctor. That's basically what has happened. So the recommendations are from our doctors that he goes through the concussion protocol. We're doing all the necessary steps to make sure he passes all the tests. Today he did some light work obviously and we'll check him later in the week. Obviously there were signs there, that's why we called it what it was."

On he has noticed wide receiver Andre Roberts step up his game as a result of competition:

"I have. Andre's answered the bell, he really has. He's a good receiver. He's very accountable for what he is doing. He knows all three positions very well. He's a smart player. He's doing some good things. The whole receiving group in there, somebody stands out every day and it's an exciting group. It's a very competitive group. They know what's at stake, how many we can keep. They're all competing their tails off both on the offensive side and on special teams. "

On if it is "troubling" to see the second- and third-string offense have more success than the first team:

"It's not troubling, I'm glad we're having some success somewhere. Kirk and Colt, that's a tribute to them. They're doing extremely well. The pass protection has been excellent. Really, with our one group, we haven't been able to muster a drive. With Kirk and Colt, when they're in there, we can get a couple first downs and we can get into a rhythm as play callers. So far with Robert, unfortunately, as play callers we've done a poor job of getting our team into a rhythm. We haven't got a first down and then followed up with a nice bootleg or something like that. We've just been first down, second down, third down, punt, it seems like it was against Detroit. It's very necessary for us to try to get our offense moving positively a little bit to get us in a rhythm, we just haven't been able to do that. Defense, give them a lot of credit. Detroit played great defense, pass rush. They stopped the run, made it very difficult on us. They were No. 2 ranked in the league last year for a reason. But we do have to compete a lot better than that with our ones."

On if he would prefer Roberts focus on the slot position as opposed to returning punts and kicks:

"No, not necessarily. I think we're going to play our best, whoever we think that is, on game day. If Roberts is our best punt returner he'll do both. He did it last year and he was effective. It's just a matter of we've got to get Jamison [Crowder] out there, see what he does in a game situation. We feel like he's got a chance to change the dynamic a little bit. They're both excellent options for us. We just have got to pick one. As far as the work load doing both, I think they can handle it – both of them. "

On if anything will impede the number of snaps Griffin and the starters get against Baltimore:

"No, I would have gone more the other day, to be honest with you. I think we need the work. We absolutely need to work, whether he takes one shot or 10 shots. We've got to get our offense going. Our right side needs work. Our center, our left guard, our left tackle, they need work. Our tight ends, our receivers together breaking the huddle, calling plays… We were a 4-12 football team last year, and for me to rest our starters after one series in the preseason game is, to me, not right. We need the practice, so we're going to try to get as much as we can – being that he's cleared if he is cleared – against Baltimore, no question about it. So I anticipate a good football game that first half, a very great challenge from Baltimore, and I know what their defense is all about. It's a physical brand of football over there and hopefully we'll be up to the challenge."

On if Griffin would have stayed in the game against Detroit if not for his injury:

"Probably, yeah."

On if Griffin could have done something differently before the snap against Detroit:

"We had a couple coverage glitches that's not very characteristic of our offense. We let a defensive end come free around the corner one time. That is a staff responsibility, that's a quarterback/center responsibility, that's a back's [responsibility]. That's all of our responsibility as a group and we've got to make sure we get that corrected. And that's something we take a lot of pride in and work very hard at in practice. That's something that you don't want to ever see come up, but you're glad it did come up because you know the importance of that happening – protecting your quarterback and all that good stuff. But like I said, the other one, we just lost on a couple of bull rushes and the other one when he stepped up, the ball just came out of his hands. You're going to get hit."

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