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Rashad Ross Showing All-Around Production


Known mostly as a burner before this season, Rashad Ross is showing he can do it all from the wide receiver position, running short routes and being productive in the red zone.

With his touchdown balls against the Baltimore Ravens under both of his arms, Redskins wide receiver Rashad Ross says the two will go to two important homes.

"I gave last week's one to my dad, so now my mom wanted a ball," he told "So now I have three balls and can give one to my grandma, too."

While Ross had impressive performances against both the Browns and Lions, where he scored a touchdown, Saturday night's game was his best to date, as the Arizona State product finished the game with six receptions for 56 yards and two touchdowns.

His first touchdown capped off a 65-yard, 12 play drive in which he was targeted four times including three inside the red zone.

"The play before [the touchdown] I had a slant and it was too hard to catch, because he [quarterback Colt McCoy] tried to throw it in between the two defenders," Ross said. "They then called the same play I scored on last week, so I just knew I had a shot."

His second touchdown reception, which came on the next drive following a Jackson Jeffcoat interception, was off a play the offense just recently learned.

"We just put that play in, crisscross, and all I was thinking when they called it was that I'm going to score," Ross said. "That's all I was thinking was that I'm going to score, and if he throws it to me I just have to outrun my guy, and that's what I did. [Evan] Spencer made a good pick block."

While both touchdown receptions are important in showing he can respond when his number is called, it also demonstrates he can be an all-around receiver, not just a burner.

"Coming in, everybody just knew that I was the deep ball threat and that I'm fast," he said. "But now these last three games, I've been catching under routes and actually running routes instead of just running around people."

No matter the difficulty of the catches or who he's matched up with, Ross' confidence in beating the opponent never waivers.

"Even if it doesn't happen I think that from the start, that I can beat them," Ross said. "and I just let my ability take over."

While Ross is making a strong case for a roster spot, he knows his work is far from complete in a battle alongside several talented wide receivers.

"I have to put this behind me because next week is a whole new game and I have to show up again," he said.




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