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Redskins Fan Wale Drops New Album Today


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DC or Nothing. That's been Wale's slogan ever since his slick lyrics made its way from Washington, D.C., to national airwaves.

He proves the Nation's Capital will always be in his heart regardless of where he goes, rocking a gold Redskins chain at concerts and other sporting events like the 2015 NBA All Star Game.

So today, nearly six years after his first album was released, Wale is at it again, this time taking it back to his Seinfeld-inspired work to bring "The Album About Nothing."

Don't let the title fool you, though.

There's a whole lot to this album, as the diehard Redskins fan has 15 different tracks including his popular hit "The Body" with Jeremih.

Wale told in 2012 that his family wasn't often together, but when they were, it was probably around a TV to watch the burgundy and gold in action.

"My parents were always at work, and I never got to spend much time with them," he said at the time. "My dad was a taxi driver and my mom was a nurse, so when the Redskins were winning, the fact that they were even home together and we were all sitting as a family watching something was a joy to me. To see the excitement on their faces – I'd never seen that in the early stage of my life. So from that point on I was like, I know this is my team."

Fellow Redskins fan and DMV native Kevin Durant has already given a shout out to Wale on his new album:




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