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Redskins Mug Spotted In Reality Crime TV Series

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There have been some strange Redskins connections in movies, on television, and around the dinner table of some major soccer stars.

If you've kept up with The Redskins Blog, you will know I'm talking about everything from "Dumb and Dumber To," to "Big Hero 6," to "The X-Files" to Gareth Bale.

Well, here's another random Redskins logo sighting.

Check out this photo of the reality crime television show "The First 48," a series that follows real detectives in the hours directly following a homicide.

Apparently, one detective (from Tulsa?) is a serious Redskins fan, as the burgundy pencil cup suggests.

The moral of this story -- for Redskins fans -- is to keep your eyes peeled when you turn on the TV.




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