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Redskins Players 'Treat Themselves' With Pedicures

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In the words of Redskins tight end Niles Paul, sometimes you've just "got to take care of the dogs," so he wrote on Instagram this afternoon.

By dogs, of course, he was referring to his feet (See: John Candy scene from "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles").

And, after a morning of team workouts, why not grab some buddies and get some pedicures?

Why not, as offensive lineman Spencer Long captions in his identical Instagram photo, "Treat yourself?" (See below: Aziz Ansari scene from "Parks and Recreation").

For good measure, linebacker Will Compton posted the photo to his Instagram account with the caption "You know why I'm here – Marshawn Lynch."

Out-of-context quote: check, and points for creativity.

Offensive lineman Shawn Lauvao is also a willing participant, though based on the comments, it seems running back Silas Redd was disappointed he didn't get the invitation.

Next time, Silas. 




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