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Redskins Tailgaters: #STLvsWAS


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Dwayne and Lorraine, of Germantown, Md., are well aware that their names rhyme, but introducing themselves together only serves to provoke some conversation around their tailgate setup.

Situated by the tree-lined fence in the new Red Zone parking lot, the best spot to have they say, meeting people is their favorite part of their now seven-year tradition.

They like the wider parking spots, and that cars aren't zipping through the lot. There's room for corn hole and plenty of time for breakfast and lunch.

They get to FedExField at 8 a.m., right when the parking lots open, and Sunday, in preparation for the Rams game, had just finished their first meal of eggs, hash browns and sausage. Brats were for lunch.

"My first memory was the '87 Super Bowl with Doug Williams," said Dwayne. "I've converted her."

Lorraine grew up in South Dakota and is still a fan of the Vikings. But ever since moving to Virginia Beach years ago with Dwayne, who serves in the Navy, she's learned to support the Redskins.

"I'm a Vikings fan at heart, but I'm Redskins by default," she said.

It's hard to tell with pants like that.  




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