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Redskins Unveil New Players Club Lounge

Call it the Redskins players' home away from the practice field. On Thursday, the Redskins unveiled the new Players Club lounge, a private area located near the team's cafeteria, weight room and locker room.

It's a place where players can relax before practice and unwind afterward. It's a place to play X-Box with a teammate in between meetings. It's a place surf the Internet or watch game highlights on television.

Once training camp begins on Saturday, the lounge will be off-limits to everyone but players and coaches.

"We just felt there should be a place that's a little bit private where players can go to relax and bond with each other," head coach Joe Gibbs said.

The well-lit lounge features three flat-screen television screens with DirecTV, three X-Box systems with flat-screen TVs, modern furnishings and decoration including leather couches and chairs, and a kitchen with refrigerator and marble countertops.

ESPN Magazine and Sports Illustrated are available in magazine racks. Among the books stacked on shelves include "Friday Night Lights" by H.G. Bissinger and "20th Century Sports: Images of Greatness" by Sports Illustrated. Checkers and chess boards are set up on several tables.

The Players Club lounge also serves a purpose in helping Gibbs instill a sense of the Redskins' illustrious history among the current group of players. Adorning the walls are pictures of some of the great Redskins players of the past, as well as some current players.

In one corner hangs a picture of Redskins great Sammy Baugh. Nearby is a picture of John Riggins bursting past a Dallas Cowboys defender. In another corner hangs a picture of Stephen Davis diving for a pass. That's near a smaller picture of Patrick Ramsey throwing a pass last season.

"It's really nice in there," tight end Walter Rasby said of the Players Club. "I was really surprised--I wasn't expecting something like that at all. It'll be great to go in there and just take a breather and hang out with your teammates."

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