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Rob Kelley Made A Lot Of Fantasy Owners Very Happy Last Night (And Their Opponents Very Angry)


After running back Rob Kelley collected 137 rushing yards and three touchdowns against the Packers on a national stage Sunday night, those fantasy football owners who had the good fortune and wherewithal to have started the Tulane product woke up to some good news.

Kelley, or "Fat Rob," as he called himself in NBC's lineup video, picked up chunks of yardage for most of the night – punching in a 10-yard run, then a 1-yard run – to extend the Redskins lead both times. With the opportunity to run out the clock in the fourth quarter, Kelley decided to ice the game instead, sprinting 66 yards (and following it up with a 4-yard touchdown) with less than a minute to go to finish off a 42-24 victory.

"I think number one, we thought he deserved an opportunity, and when he got an opportunity, nobody really knew exactly what was going to happen on a Sunday afternoon with him getting a ball," head coach Jay Gruden said.  "We had high hopes because we saw what he was doing in practice, but we're not live tackling the practice effort. We saw him in the preseason games but to see what he does with the pads on, well, it'd be tough to get him out of there now. He's a strong back, has great vision and runs extremely hard, so we're thrilled to death. He's just got to keep working like everyone else."

It was Kelley's first 100-yard rushing performance since high school, he said, but in the locker room afterward, Kelley wouldn't accept any credit for himself.

"I'm telling you, it was the offensive line, man," Kelley said. "That's them. I can't stop saying it enough, that's them."

Regardless of who took credit, fantasy owners quickly realized that their team was suddenly in a much better position than it was before, an excitement that prompted many to extol Kelley's praises on Twitter.

Just as shocked, those playing against the heretofore unknown name positioned in their opponent's running back spot arose expressing their displeasure.

Rob Kelley was the best #FantasyFootball pickup. I saw him coming from a mile away. #HTTR — britt (@brittprosise) November 21, 2016

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