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Robert Griffin III Celebrates Dad's Birthday And His Two-Year Wedding Anniversary

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It's been a special few days for Robert Griffin III.

While birthdays are always the perfect time to celebrate someone's life, they mean just a little bit more when they hit certain ages.

That was the case for Griffin III's dad on Sunday, as he celebrated his 50th birthday.

"Happy 50th Birthday Dad!!! This man has done SO MUCH for his country and EVEN MORE for his family. Grew up in the streets of New Orleans, Louisiana and now can walk down those same streets and show the younger generations that you can make it out! This man has been a REAL FATHER to his 3 kids. This man put them all through high school, college & has supported their dreams and desires every step of the way. This man sacrificed for us & showed us the importance of it. Because sacrifice is about something greater than yourself. This man gave me shoes!!! It may sound small but it was the very thing he did not have growing up! He wasn't able to follow his dream because he couldn't even buy the shoes to go catch them in. This man is by no means perfect or a perfect father, but he has been the perfect father for us. Love you Dad! I will always have your back & am proud to carry your last name on mine. Here's to the laughs and many more successful years filled with them to come.#HappyBirthday," The Redskins quarterback captioned the photo.

Today also marks the two-year wedding anniversary for Griffin III and his wife Rebecca, posting a throwback photo complete with a cellphone belt clip.

"Happy 2 Year Anniversary Mrs. Griffin!!! You loved me when I showed up to college proms called formals & embarrassed you with my oversized shirts, short ties & clip on phone case holders. I am eternally grateful to God that he blessed me with a woman & a baby mama like you. I love you!!!!" he wrote.




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