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Robert Griffin III Name-Dropped In Amy Schumer's 'Trainwreck'

A countdown of the top-10 images of quarterback Robert Griffin III during the 2014 season.

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Working as a high ranking sports doctor gives you certain privileges, primarily the kind that allows you to call LeBron James, and the immense amount of other professional athletes on your client list, a friend.

The other kind of privilege is getting to boast about all of those athletes you get to interact -- and ideally never botch a surgery -- with to your friends.

In the new comedy "Trainwreck," the star vehicle for comedian Amy Schumer, a scene like this happens midway through the film, when Amy's boyfriend, a sports surgeon played by Bill Hader, starts listing off the star athletes, whose careers he has saved, in his speed dial while at a baby shower.

"Tom Brady, Chris Paul, Jay Cutler, Roger Federer, Robert Griffin III," he says, in between oohs and ahhs from other fathers, the loudest being comedian Tim Meadows, as they marvel at his connection to some of their heroes. "Alex Rodriguez," he says later, which immediately gets an expletive-ridden response from the New York crowd.

NBA center Amar'e Stoudemire is also featured heavily in the latter half of the film, which has received positive reviews, though this writer wouldn't necessarily agree (Judd Apatow misses the mark on this one).

It's unfortunate but understandable that Griffin III's name would be dropped by a sports doctor and surgeon in a Hollywood movie but hey, free publicity! Let's just hope he won't have to be in any real surgeon's contact list anytime soon.

And, for what it's worth, Tony Romo makes an appearance in the film and acts like you might expect him to act: untrained. Stoudemire interrupts him as he introduces Hader for an award, yelling "Dallas Sucks."

There's one thing to rally behind, Redskins fans.




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