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Robert Griffin III Preparing Reese Ann's Room

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Remember when you had your name on the wall in your room? No? Maybe you were too young to remember, as might be the case for Reese Ann Griffin.

Robert Griffin III and his wife took turns spray painting one of their daughter's presumably many decorations to come today.

As though not to corner her into adopting a specific color, they decided to give her a taste of both pink and blue. Kudos to their democratic approach.

Also, you'll notice this is the second straight Instagram photo Griffin III has posted capturing his wife's feet.

In this photo, they happen to be wearing the same shoes. When on the hover board, their shoes were very similar, too.

Yeezy's ✖️ Hover Board Mrs. Griffin chillin on her #SpaceChariot Promo code RG3 for $150 off — Robert Griffin III (@RGIII) July 15, 2015

Let's keep an eye on this, for no particular reason than to possibly watch for it to become a series that he starts. 




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