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Robert Griffin III's Foundation Hosts Fitness Event At Baylor

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No, it's not rigid Crossfit regimen; it's not one of those short-term fad diets either. Rather, it's simply committing to a healthy lifestyle in general.

Family of 3, Robert Griffin III's charity foundation, revolves around enriching the well-being of people's lives through physical activity and eating healthy.

One of the foundation's first initiatives, "RGIII's Salute to Fitness," was hosted on March 7 at the Ferrell Center in Waco, Texas – at the quarterback's alma mater on Baylor's campus.

Griffin III said it is "paramount" he eats well, works out and does each consistently for the football season. But, it's not only just him.

"But also for everyday people, it's important to have that healthy lifestyle so you can live as long as possible, be there for your grandkids and great grandkids," Griffin III told Larry Michael, Voice of the Redskins, on "Redskins Nation."

Griffin III's three-hour event held activities such as in-depth nutrition workouts, a kid's field day competition, Zumba and yoga workouts and an obstacle course challenge. The event was open to all ages.

Also, all of the participants were able to meet the Redskin, along with receive freebies – a t-shirt, lunch and a backpack filled with "surprises."

Griffin III said he plans on expanding this initiative into the Virginia area. This is when he finds the perfect balance between caring for his expecting wife and his planning the foundation's events. But like the foundation for others, he knows a child will be a life-changing experience he is excited about.

"Teammates give me a hard time saying, 'The kid is going to have me wrapped around your finger' and 'Get sleep while you can,'" he said jokingly. "I look forward to it."

His family and team have been supportive thus far, as he wants to remain active with his foundation.

He does not want to just write a check, but devote his time into giving people the tools they need to better their lives instead. He compared it to the television series Undercover Boss, his inspiration for the foundation. Executives worked with entry-level positions in order to get their perspective on how to make the job easier.

Embedded in those jobs are usually emotional stories.

"If there are any fans of that show, you just want to help people in a way that's really going to benefit them," he said. "You really want to instill in their lives, be a part of it and be there for them all the way through."

If there is anything to learn from the foundation, Griffin III motivates one goal:

"Make that lifestyle change," he said.




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