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During training camp, will provide an in-depth look at the drafted rookies, both on and off the field. Today's spotlight is on Jamison Crowder, a fourth-round pick.

Some rookies may make a few plays here and there during training camps across the league, occasionally beating the wily veterans on certain plays in certain moments.

At least so far a week into his first camp with the Redskins, Jamison Crowder is seemingly making plays daily, turning several heads in the process.

With a lethal mix of speed, agility and quickness, Crowder, who stands at just 5-foot-8, often finds himself in quite a lot of space.

That comes from a lot of off the field preparation.

"I just try to prepare, watching film and work on route drills and stuff, see if I can definitely sharpen up my skills," he said. "So when I come out here for my training camp and 1-on-1s or whatever, I've already practiced it and everything. I just try to stay ready like any other athlete in that I just try to sharpen up my skills and be ready."

He also used cone drills in particular to get ready for his first season.

"Cone drills in the offseason, just to make sure my feet and my quickness are there, because that's obviously one of my stronger attributes to my game," Crowder said. "But it's nothing really to advance, just really cone drills, working on routes, I try to steady my routes and make them as crisp as possible."

One of the people he's impressed has been head coach Jay Gruden.

"Jamison does seem like he's getting better and better every practice," Gruden said. "He's got great quickness in-and-out of breaks and he's got a lot more straight-line speed than people gave him credit for coming out of the Combine."

Even though he's often going against players bigger than him, Gruden does not "see any fear in his eyes whatsoever."

"He goes across the middle fearless," Gruden said. "He knows how to run every route from outside and inside already. What a great job the Duke coaching staff did with their offense and coaching their wide receivers. He came in and it's been a really easy transition for him mentally and physically and obviously the hopes are very, very high for Jamison."

Five W's And One H:

Check out images of rookie wide receiver Jamison Crowder during his first few months with the Washington Redskins.

Who is your favorite music artist?**"Probably J. Cole."

What is your biggest pet peeve?"I really don't have one, but I hate being in traffic." 

Where did you get your inspiration to play wide receiver?"Growing up, my favorite receiver was Jerry Rice, so that was my favorite receiver. But then, once the smaller guys started coming into the league, the Steve Smiths and Antonio Browns, those guys, I really started watching those players. DeSean Jackson. Those guys. Those guys are the players that really inspired me to be a wide receiver."

When did you decide to major in sociology and minor in African and African American Studies?[Notes he also got a certificate in marketing management before responding.] "I got that idea, just when I was in school. I went to Duke, I didn't know necessarily what I wanted to do. But I just kind of ventured out a little bit, did a few majors, took a few classes and minors and stuff, and those were just topics I was just really interested in. And with the marketing and everything, that's something I can use after football, while I've been playing football, being able to be marketable. Those were just topics and subjects that really caught my interest, so I just decided to go with those."

Why No. 3 in college?"Because that was the only available number I wanted when I came in. In high school, I was number 6, but we had a guy Ross Cockrell, who was already No. 6. I took No. 3, and I really love the number, really, you know, once I started wearing it and started playing. But that was just the only available number that I wanted, that I had to choose from." 

*How good were you in basketball? *"I was a really good, really good basketball player. My junior year, we won the state, averaged 16 points. My senior year, wasn't as tough as it'd usually be, but I averaged 22 and scored 40 points in the game. A bunch of the guys don't believe me when I tell them, but I was really good. That was the sport I was playing since I was six, playing rec league ball in my time, and a lot of people around the way know that I was a tough basketball player as well."


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