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During training camp, will provide an in-depth look at the drafted rookies, both on and off the field. Today's spotlight is on Tevin Mitchel, a sixth-round pick.

Tevin Mitchel remembers watching DeAngelo Hall make play after play growing up.

Now, instead of watching the three-time Pro Bowler from afar, the rookie is side-by-side with the veteran, soaking up anything and everything he has to say.

"Every time he speaks I'm taking notes," Mitchel said. "That's a guy who's been to the Pro Bowl and he's been in the league over ten years, so that's definitely a guy that I can listen to and respect."

While Mitchel learns and grows from Hall and others, he believes he can contribute on both defense in certain packages and special teams.

"I'm just trying to help in any way possible," he said. "Fill in, especially on special teams, I feel like I'll be able to contribute well with special teams. They got me playing nickel so I feel like I'll be able to help there as well."

During his senior season at Arkansas, Mitchel got a majority of his snaps at nickel. In 11 games, he recorded 20 tackles, eight passes defensed and two interceptions.

He also played on the outside some as well.

"Yeah, my senior year I played nickel my whole year there," he said. "My first three years I was on the outside, so I have a good little experience."

While he got a little dip of the NFL experience during OTAs and minicamp, training camp has provided him a more extensive taste of playing at the professional level.

That means squaring off with some of the best wide receivers in the league before even playing in any meaningful games.

"It's real challenging, it's real tough but it's also a good thing," he said. "You know you have Pierre Garçon and DeSean Jackson, those are two great football players who've been in the league for a while as well. I'm learning from those guys as well, learning their techniques and learning little things that can help my game."

Who's a better basketball player Lebron James or Michael Jordan?"Definitely Michael Jordan."

*How has fatherhood been for you? *"It's pretty good. Just had my second child two months ago, so that's just a great feeling. I love being a father, it's a blessing. You know I'm just out here trying to provide for my family. 

What is your favorite food?"Lasagna."

When did you learn to do that backflip that you showed off on Instagram?

"That was my first time doing it. I just wanted to try it because I've been seeing it on the Internet and I thought I should give it a try." 

*Where were you when you got the call from the Redskins? *"I was at my Grandma's house in Little Rock."

Why did you choose No. 37?"It was just issued to me. If I had an option I would have picked another number but I can only control what I can control, so I'm just going to wear whatever they want me it." 

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