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Ryan Kerrigan Bids Farewell To Indiana License With 'Hippie' Look

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It was a tough moment for Muncie, Ind., native Ryan Kerrigan on Monday, as he had to say goodbye to his state issued license.

"Saying goodbye to my Indiana license and to the hippie that graced it for the past six years. This pic drew countless double takes from TSA/bouncers in recent years. Can't imagine why..," Kerrigan captioned the photo.

Honestly can't imagine why.

Of course we now know Kerrigan for his clean-cut appearance, but before walking across the stage after hearing that the Redskins had selected him, the Purdue product rocked more of a surfer look than anything.

Want a good laugh? Look at some of the comments on the picture including the fact his hair says "bro" and that he "could always go back to your hippie ways!"

Check 'em out.




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