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Ryan Kerrigan, DeSean Jackson & Trent Williams Appear On Rivals' NFL 100 Countdown

Washington Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson (No. 50) and tackle Trent Williams (No. 47) were named to the NFL Network's "Top 100 Players Of 2015" countdown Wednesday, June 10, 2015.

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Ryan Kerrigan, DeSean Jackson and Trent Williams once again appears on a ranking of the best football players. What's new?

This time, though, it mixes together their past and present. is counting down the top 100 players in the NFL while also looking at their high school ranking. The site is, after all, best known for looking at high school athletes across the country.


Kerrigan is the first Redskin to appear on the list, checking in at No. 78.

He was a three-star recruit coming out of Muncie (Ind.) Central High School.

"Kerrigan was a baby-faced kid back out of high school who wasn't overly athletic or explosive and he turned himself into a monster in college. He had a dominant senior season as a pass rusher and also played tight end, but he still lacked great explosion and a great first step. He's a great example of a kid who re-dedicated himself to football in a big way in college and beyond," writes National Scouting Director Mike Farrell.


Jackson ranks No. 50 on the list. He was also a five-star prospect coming out of Long Beach (Calif.) Poly High School.

"Smaller receivers are making a comeback in high school, college and the NFL, and in 2005 they were also well-accepted, but following Jackson, the NFL wanted huge guys and every top slot guy was compared to DeSean but not ranked quite as high. Jackson overcame his lack of size because he was tough, fast and impossible to solo cover on the inside or outside. Jackson slid to the second round mainly due to size (5-foot-10 at combine compared to his 5-foot-11 measured size in high school), but he overcame it all to become a star," Farrell said of Jackson.

Williams, meanwhile, is the highest ranked Redskin on the list, coming in at No. 47.


Farrell admits that Rivals "missed" on Williams, having him at just three stars.

"He was 6-foot-5 and 290 pounds and while he played a bit stiff and wasn't as aggressive as you'd like for his size, he still had more talent than we gave him credit for. Longview had other players we coveted more and he reminded some of us of former Longview lineman Terrance Young, who was massive but just couldn't stay on the field and never panned out. We held that against Williams a bit too much. Stupid, stupid, stupid!" Farrell writes.

Three stars or not, Williams is crushing it in the NFL.




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