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Samuels to Stay On As Coaching Intern


Retiring offensive lineman Chris Samuels said on Thursday he plans to stay on with the team as a coaching intern this offseason.

"I'll definitely be here," Samuels said during his retirement press conference at Redskins Park. "Coach [Mike] Shanahan gave me the opportunity to work with the guys this offseason on a minority coaching fellowship."

Coaching is something that Samuels has always wanted to do. He said he knew he wanted to be a coach back in high school in Mobile, Ala.

Samuels expects to learn from offensive line coach Chris Foerster and work with the offensive linemen in his internship.

Of course, Samuels played left tackle for the Redskins from 2000-09 before a neck injury ended his career last season. He finished his career with six Pro Bowl berths.

"I just really want to learn from these coaches," Samuels said. "I don't sit up here and claim that I know everything. These coaches have been around and I just want them to train me and teach me how to coach the guys."

Asked what attributes he had that would make him a good coach, Samuels replied: "I think just my ability to relate to guys. That would help me out tremendously.

"I love the game of football. Even though I can't play, just being involved with coaching the guys, and being out there on the field and putting my two cents in that way, it would help me out a whole lot. I've always wanted to do it."

Don't expect him to be a colorful character like his long-time coach Joe Bugel, who retired from the NFL on Jan. 13.

"No, [being tough on players] is not going be my philosophy," Samuels said, smiling. "I love 'Buges,' but I'm not going to do it that way. Every now and then, I probably will get fired up and have to get after somebody, though."

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