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Scot McCloughan: 'It's A Big Man's Game'

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Both in the trenches and out wide in one-on-one matchups where height can give an advantage, Washington Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan believes the NFL is a "big man's game."

And when it comes to his philosophy for offensive linemen, its about bringing together five large, technically sound men working together to achieve a common goal.

"It's not about the one guy. It's all five guys working together," he told the media Monday afternoon. "I think it's a big man's game, and I think size and strength and like I said passion, toughness is very important up front. If you can control the line of scrimmage on either side, it's a pretty good start."

While some draft pundits have positioned several offensive line prospects names' next to the Redskins, considering it a "need area" for the team, McCloughan's selections will be made based on the best player available.

"Again, we're not going to draft for needs," he said. "Even with free agency, we didn't go in thinking, 'Okay, we're going to stick it all on defense.' We went in special teams, offense, defense and it just worked out to be defense. We feel we got some good football players not just on the field but off the field, high-character guys that come from winning organizations and know what it looks like. We're going to approach free agency and the draft every year the same, just getting good football players."




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