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Scot McCloughan: 'We'd Love To Get More Picks'

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Perhaps no few minutes are more stressful for an NFL team than when they are on the clock during the draft, as they can feel more like just seconds as time quickly dwindles down. 

Within this timeframe, if the decision comes down to two or more players, it could also be the difference between drafting a cornerstone player for the next 15 years and a player that struggles to remain active.

While the pressure can get to you, Washington Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan said he's "very confident" when the picks start rolling through, thanks partially to the staff assembled around him.

"I'm confident in the people in the room who helped me, that we all did our best to get to this point," he told Larry Michael, Voice of the Redskins, on "Redskins Nation." "We understand that listen, we're taking this guy. It's a franchise, ownership we're taking. We're going to do everything in our power to make sure he's a good football player – from the head coach, trainers, to doctors and myself, to the pro scouts. We'll all take ownership and do everything in our power to make sure he's successful."  

You know by now that the Redskins currently hold the No. 5-overall pick, but they also have the following picks as well: 38th-overall, 69th-overall, 105th-overall, 141st-overall, 182nd-overall and the 222nd-overall.

That could change, though, as McCloughan said he'd ideally liked to get at least 10 picks out of this year's draft if possible.

"We'd love to get more picks in this draft," he told the media Monday. "We have our seven originals right now. I'd love to get 10-plus out of this thing. But, if not we'll be okay. If we stay put at [pick No.] 5, we'll get a good football player at five."




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